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I'm all stocked up with refries

Yesterday's sunshine faded away while I was naping, and with it my motivation to do anything. It is terrible that I'm so weather-dependent. So as the daylight hours trickled away, suddenly there became less and less things we COULD do and only the things we had to do: visit my friend Josh in central London.

As it turned out, we went for Dim Sum to China Harbor (or something along those lines, right where Gerrard Street hits Gerrard ... Avenue or something, across from China China) in keeping with our former Sunday tradition of afternoon dim sum. While the selection was good and the food was not bad, the fact of the matter is the bill came in at 36 pounds, and when I asked them to total it in front of me, it recalculated at 19. I'm not sure if it was just an addition error or the fact we had a little suitcase with us that made this happen, but I was pretty pissed off.

Then off we went to Josh's. To my surprise, he had two cardboard boxes PACKED full of canned Mexican food for me - more than we could carry home in one trip! So we loaded up our little suitcase with refried beans, red enchilada sauce, cans of green salsa - things I'd been out of for months. But the excitement of all of these goodies was too much, and Josh got a hankering for Mexican. Well, so be it. Off we went to Oaxaca, even though J and I weren't all that hungry. It worked out fine, though - the guy at the door recognized me from December, when I lost the button off of my big coat, and very kindly treated us to a round of drinks to compensate me for my loss. Yee hah! As usual, the food was delicious, even though I wasn't at all hungry (but somehow managed to fit in a taco and lots of guacamole anyway). Now we are stocked with the goods and I'm ready for a taco party again! All I need are some corn tortillas ...
Tags: another sunday pissed away, cooking, mexican food in london

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