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Review of yesterday - the good, the bad, and the Chamberpot of Horrors

Yesterday felt like quite the "I live in Seattle and I love it day." We did the lazy Sunday thing (including having someone come over to discuss retiling the bathroom and kitchen floors, which are now cracking and splitting as if they were made of mud), then finally headed off to our lovely little downtown. We went to City Kitchens to get some goodies to make life easier for Thanksgiving, most importantly buying a high-quality meat thermometer so we don't repeat the "bleeding carcass" event of last year. (We also found a few Christmas presents ... ridiculous to be thinking of it so early but the bargains were outstanding.) Then we went to Pike Place Market and got some tea at the Perennial Tea Room - a bunch of the Kenya Marinyn and some fancy Keemun and Yunnan. We also got a bottle of very tasty hard cider from the wine merchants. I looove living here!

After a trip to Safeway and a little gardening (we're not quite 1/3 through with getting the tulips planted), we headed off to Nick and Janna's for our promised dinner. We had lasagne and salad, and, of course, lots of conversation (and a game of Catan which Janna won). They actually decided that they will be coming over for Thanksgiving, which I'm very happy about since Nick's been coming over for ages - but the unfortunate thing is that it's Janna's being laid off that is causing her to be available for dinner. I also got a confirmation for dinner from my brother's old roommate. I guess I was rather slow about asking people over this year, but it looks like it's all coming together after a bad start. Now I just need to place my turkey order at Rainbow and finish getting my recipe list together.

I was wondering "why does it smell like cat pee when I go by the catbox, then not smell like cat pee near the sink, then smell like cat pee again as you get to the toliet?" And yesterday I found out. Well, you know how there's some weird tile glued on top off the linoleum in the bathroom? She had peed in the corner near the toliet ... I picked up the wet newspaper there and thought I'd got it all. Then I discovered ... a week later ... that it had trickled off the edge and gotten in the layer between the glued on layer and the linoleum. It was so Harry Potter and the Chamberpot of Horrors. I wound up pulling all of the old tile off of the linoleum so I could get the floor to dry and spray the Nature's Miracle on it ... but mostly it was just horrible. The net result is an absolutely repulsive bathroom floor, but soon it will all go away. I just hope I can cover it up enough to not terrorize our Thanksgiving guests.

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