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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

My Review of the Matrix - a work in progress

Inspired by sebboi, who has done a much better job than I have:

You've got to thank the Wachowski brothers for one thing: they lowered my expectations so much with Matrix: Reloaded that I had pretty much zero expectations for Matrix: Revolutions. About twenty minutes into the movie, I turned to my boss and said, "If they don't get their shit together really quickly, this movie is just going to suck." And it did, all the way through. The dialogue was corny and canned-sounding; at one point, when Agent Smith said something on the lines of,"I bet you know what I'm going to say next," my thought was, well, of course I do, because your dialogue was written by a computer. Characters were introduced whose only meaning seemed to be to have sad deaths (but their red-shirt nature was clear at the first, warding me off of any emotional attachment); old characters didn't seem to develop to their full potential, leaving instead shallow images of their originally cool selves that just never gelled. (More to come ...)

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