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Busman's holiday; NHS grr

Right, so ... the pharmacy didn't have my prescription last night. It turns out you ask the PHARMACIST when you want a refill which will be sent to your pharmacy, not your doctor. Where were my instructions on how to navigate this confusing world? It's the "obvious" stuff I flub all the time.

So I went by my doctor's office today. They tell me that they didn't get my request for a refill that I faxed on Monday (and I didn't double check that it went through, my bad), and that they can't fill it anyway until they take my blood pressure, which will require staying for ... another two hours. Somehow they lost the blood pressure reading they did back in October. Great. I made an appointment for 8:30 on Monday (meaning I'll only miss two days of my prescription) and left.

Then somehow my bus at Waterloo took about 15 minutes to get across the bridge and suddenly I was late for work after arriving at the train station in plenty of time for a 9 AM arrival. Great again. I'm thinking if I work tomorrow I'll take my bike with me and ride in from the station. I texted my boss that I was running late and got a egg and bacon bagel once I got off of the bus - the better to quell my now queasy stomach (due to exhaust fumes seeping into the bus).

Also, the new rules for UK migrants went into effect today. They say they want to encourage skilled migrants to come to the UK but they make me want to leave. (Really, every time I hear "it's designed to encourage skilled migrants blah blah blah" what I really hear them saying is, "We want to discourage those dirty, ignorant foreigners who keep piling on our shores from ever thinking they might make a home here and suck off our overly generous welfare system, the slags, we know they're ruining this country for the people that are already here.") I was trying to run through their points calculator and, since I have a brown thumb for software, I broke it:

Sorry, there may be a technical problem with the website.

Please retry accessing the page you were looking for later.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Use the link below to return to the Border and Immigration Agency website.


Error message:

Error processing command set table quals.numrows = row_count - numrows must be greater than 0
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