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Thai Tom and not much else

Last night we were obliged to go to the U-District to return Millenium Actress to Scarecrow, so we took advantage of the situation and went to Thai Tom for dinner. The wait, as usual, was incredibly long: I got a full chapter of Kushiel's Chosen read while I waited. And that, pretty much, was it for the night.

Today I have the brilliant idea of doing a "meet the guests" book for Thanksgiving. Already I was going to do a recipe book, mostly because getting all of my damn recipes together is always such a chore, and I had been thinking, why not just make a couple of extra copies and give them to my guests? But today I was thinking, maybe I can make a little magazine out of it and have profiles of who's coming over, then send them out to everyone before they show up. That way everyone would know a little bit about who was going to be there and they'd have a lead-in for conversation! Of course, will I have time to do this before the big day?

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