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This week's reading

I'm afraid I've been very remiss with Marcel. Sookie Stackhouse crowded him right out of my bag for most of this week. Now that I've finished Club Dead, I'm back to The Prisoner and the Fugitive. It's funny, I mocked the fact that he was at a dinner party for about two or three hundred pages of one of his novels, but now that I've been listening to him go on about jealousy for 89 pages (indeed, I am at page 89), I am eager to have him leave the house and have some dinner somewhere.

I am reminded that I ought to get a book order in before J goes to the US. I've been caught up in the other planning that I need to do and all I've really managed to order is a new bag. Anyone who's seen the threadbare one I've been toting around for the last, er, eight years would agree I need a replacement. I really like that with LL Bean you can custom pick the colors you want - for the handles, the pocket, the body, and the bottom. I wanted to just replace my old one with one from the same company (Lands End) but they're only offering black with khaki handle, which is not really my style. I bet you didn't even have to click the link to figure out what colors mine is, but here's a picture in case you're curious.
NewBag (15k image)

The bionic heart measuring device is now removed. I'm sure that between the drinking last night and the melatonin my heart rate was pretty slow! I sure felt relaxed, other than when Josela and I were being bitchy. That said, I should still go downstairs and sign up for the gym.

And, if you can't tell, today at work is SLOW. Slow slow slow. I would bitch about why but it would just raise my blood pressure - suffice it to say I'll have to work twice as hard next week to make up for having nothing to do today, and there's nothing I can do to get the stuff I need to me so I can work on it now. Bleah. Oh well, at least it's Friday and I have a nice weekend to look forward to.
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