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Plus ça change: immigration (notice "chance" icon)

"Many of these refugees walked a gauntlet of resistance and distrust: disapproval of their lack of English and need for health care, threats of deportation, and agency rules shaped by a suspicion of freeloading."

Polish in England? Perhaps (African/other) refugees in England? No no, Holocaust survivors in the US, though it could just as easily be Mexicans, or Haitians, or (back in the day) the Irish.

It's odd how the impression of immigrants as lazy freeloaders just has a life of its own. But I'm amazed at how very much this sounds like the same language I'm hearing about us filthy immigrants today, in both countries. I mean, God forbid you should move to another country and get sick, or, worse yet, bring your illness with you. (I'm also astounded how people seem to assume any poor people are lazy. I think it reflects a little black shard in their own hearts.)

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this article and seeing the photos that came with it.
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