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Howard Bulson makes you a star

After a right relaxing Pilates class (relaxing if you like shaking legs and aching arms), Worthy Opponent and I had a yummy dinner of spaghetti carbonara then headed to Julia's on Broadway for an evening with Howard Bulson. There were only two other people singing, so I got in lots of songs - more than I should have. I did get some great use out of my new Chicago and Cabaret songbooks, but I wished I had xeroxed them off beforehand to aid Howard in playing them. Also, I wish I'd memorize these damn songs so I wouldn't have to be hanging off of the sheet music!

Anyway, my set(s):
1) Goody Goody
Funny Honey (this was missing an entire verse, but got a grand reception from some cute boys who were about to leave but were entranced by this siren song - a very good song for me)
Mein Herr
2) Dance 10, Looks 3 (this one isn't good for the Julia's crowd, really)
For the Longest Time (made me miss Sorry Charlie's - why weren't people singing?)
When You're Good to Mama
3 (only because Howard asked and I am his puppet) Maybe This Time (a lovely song well suited to my voice, too damn bad I'd never practiced it in my life)

In between performing I read through books of Thanksgiving recipes (me so geek). Suddenly we have 13 people coming - my brother finally asked his friends Dave and Deb and they said yes. We've still got two outstanding invites, one to my brother's friend who lives in Pullman, one to any friend of my brother's that meets my criteria to possibly make them compatible with my boss, who is also coming (and would otherwise be the only person who came by herself). Of course, here I go meddling again, but I've met one success lately - making a very good set of friends out of two of my pals after much arm twisting - so I'm not totally hopeless. And heck, if my friend INSERT NAME HERE actually does like OTHER NAME's old roommate, then my batting average has really improved - without any effort on my part!

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