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Dearl lazyweb: please help me

I have somehow done something (an accidental combination of keystrokes) that's turned on a "helpful feature" in MS Outlook, and now when my emails open up (or I reply to an email), it shows me all of the paragraphs and carriage returns, and when I types little tots appear between the words to show me that I've hit the space bar.

This is driving me up the wall. I don't know how to turn it off because (this has been a problem for YEARS) I don't know what the name is of the thing that's happened so I'm not able to query Outlook in a way that gives me the answer. I've seriously spent half an hour now looking through help, opening every menu on Outlook and on the Outlook email page, and I'm not any closer to figuring out what this plague is that's struck my email or how it can be removed.

Please please please help me remove this blight from my computer.

I HATE Microsoft "help." It only works when you already know the answer, or half of it.

UPDATE: Apparently this is something to do with "show/hide [paragraph mark]," described as "show paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols" in Word, but if you type those words into Outlook help, it will not tell you where to make the change. In Outlook, this is done from "format text" in the "paragraph" sub menu, where there's a little paragraph (backwards P) symbol to point you in the right direction, if you can see it and if it means anything to you and if for some reason you think that adding a bunch of extra crap to something you're typing constitutes a "paragraph" option a la right aligning, numbering, or coloring the text. I fucking hate Microsoft products. And it was my boss that helped me figure out the answer.

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