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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Lost and found

This morning got off to a bit of a bad start (apart from the lost sleep thing) when I realized I had lost my keys. I looked in

  • My bag
  • My pants pockets
  • My coat(s) pockets

    and on

  • the dining table
  • the living room table
  • the floor in the living room
  • the top of the chest of drawers
  • the floor near the couch

    and they were not to be found. I don't even remember the last time I had them. This got me especially down because last night I lost 20 quid somewhere between lunch and dinner (tube? corner shop) and, worst of all, my silver cartouche bracelet from Egypt appears to have taken a powder. At first I thought I had stuck in in a jewelry box, then I finally dug in all of them (some are very little), then, you know, the rest of the usual places. And thus the nicest thing I bought on my trip is lost and I am declared A Complete Loser.

    Anyway, I'm back home now, let in by wechsler and I just went rooting around in the nether regions of the couch in search of my keys. I found

  • a badge from the Tacoma Art Museum (TAM)
  • two pennies
  • a really cool Big Eyed Girl bookmark
  • two good pens
  • a credit card that expired six months ago (doh!)
  • a glasses case (God knows where that came from)
  • and my bracelet.

    No telling where the keys are but I can replace those, likely by building one out of all of the lint that also came out of the couch.
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