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Yo ho ho and a bottle of red pills

We finally went to see Pirates of the Carribean last night, and while it wasn't any kind of work of lasting genius (and certainly not something I'd see three or four times like some folks did), it was actually quite fun. Shockingly, what I kept thinking about as I left the theater was how much BETTER I felt after seeing this movie than I did after seeing "Matrix 3." No bitter taste in my mouth, no feeling of being cheated, no debate about whether or not I should have just skipped it altogether - no, just a simple satisfaction of seeing a Movie Well Done. It didn't aim for much, but it achieved its aims, all of its characters were interesting, pretty much every character had a surprise twist (so they weren't just cranked out by computers), and I really didn't know where the plot was going ... so I had a good time. They even made the lady lead resourceful and daring (instead of just someone who needed rescuing) and the obvious male lead (the "good" pirate) basically just stayed in his role as a weird third player but not the "romantic" lead. Sure, the costuming was some horrible amalgamation of Louis XIV and 18th Century British, but it was just a small complaint, my only other one being the silly visual references to the Pirates of the Carribean ride.

Otherwise yesterday evening's highlights were buying my Thanksgiving turkey (or making a deposit on one at Rainbow) and making enchiladas ... work was pretty uninspiring yesterday and I wish I'd gone on a walk since it was so nice outside. Today I'm supposed to go to lunch with Cathy, and tonight we're going to a yummy Indian food place in Redmond to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday. Afterwards, who knows? I'd like to see the Drunk Puppet Night at the ReBar, but I don't think it will be happening as part of the birthday celebration. (And maybe Saturday we'll try to sneak off to Seven Star Pepper again, this time to try the Hot Pot.)

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