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Proust update; nice letter

Prisoner and the Fugitive is up to page 153 (not much reading this week as I only started it yesterday). I was very surprised to hear him going off in a very positive manner about Wagner. Who'da thunk it?

I went out with J, Josela, and souldier_blue to a "Cockney Knees Up" in Bethnal Green, but it wasn't really happening for any of us and we took an opportunity to slip out during a 20 minute intermission (following a overly long round of bingo). As we left, the guy at the door told some South Asian kids who were thinking of coming in, "It really isn't your sort of thing" or something along those lines. Somehow it captures a certain wrongness about the whole evening that I can't really put into words, but I got the feeling they were taking a genuine living culture and making it a museum piece to be enjoyed ironically, whereas we were there to sing and have a good time. We did at least enjoy ourselves at the ultra cheap Indian takeout around the corner, which felt more homey than the bar did and where a much warmer welcome was extended to us.

I came home to a lovely note from thedivas: "I miss you, and your vibrant and quirky charm." I've been feeling a bit like crap all day today, but that just kind of makes me feel sparkly inside. Now all I have to do is get to bed quickquick and get enough sleep, and with any luck I'll realize most of today's mood was brought about by sleep dep.
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