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Dance, dance, dance, and the silence is stifling

I've got even more reviews up on my theater blog. Nederlands Dans Theater was great, of course, but Sylvia was dull and Timecode Break not as good as it wanted to be. I am staying up late to do these reviews because seeing my blog stats go up is exciting, proving that I am a sad person.

Would you break up with someone because of the books they read? Apparently many people have. Ayn Rand would be a dealbreaker for me. What book or author would turn you right off of someone?

This week has been a soul-sucking one at work, but I've been exercising a lot, nearly every day. It would be amusing if this actually caused me to lose weight, as that's not at all my goal. This article on the brain's limited amount of willpower fit right in to the week, both in terms of its dullness and how the exercise might help. Apparently you have a finite supply of willpower/self-control, and if you use it up not buying something you want, you'll later waste it all by drinking. Alternately, if you are given a chocolate chip cookie instead of a radish, you'll last longer at a boring task, supposedly because of the boost to your brain's blood sugar. Finally, willpower is a muscle that can be built, and as you get more disciplined in one area, you'll find your ability to be disciplined in others increasing. This was a strong contrast to the article the NY Times had two weeks ago saying that tidying made them lose weight, thus being a slob is associated with being fat. The idea that the discipline of cleaning made them better at disciplining themselves in other areas makes FAR better sense than the theory that being messy and being fat were somehow related, but I bet disciplining yourself to write for an hour or two a day would have exactly the same effect (providing that altering your food intake was actually your goal).
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