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"Sweet and sour" vegetables - a Sicilian dish

So ... I had beluosus over for dinner tonight, and I was all excited about making MMM lamb and MMM pasta with ricotta and pistachio on top. But I wanted vegetables. shadowdaddy came back from the store with zucchini and peppers, but how to prepare them? I dug through my two new Sicilian cookbooks and came up with this recipe: zucchine fritte in agrodolce (fried courgettes with a sweet and sour sauce). Ingredients: 1 kg/2 lbs zukes, 125 ml/8 TB vinegar, 1 tsp granulated sugar, 4-5 mint leaves (skipped), 30g/3 TBSP raisins, 1 clove garlic.
Slice the courgettes into round. Fry in very hot oil where you have put the whole clove of garlic, to be removed as soon as it colors. When all of the courgettes are fried, put them back into the frying pan and sprinkle with the sugar, chopped mind and sultanas. Mix carefully and pour over a glass of vinegar (obviously a major translation error there). Cover and turn off the heat. So basically I put in a little oil, added the garlic, added the chopped peppers when the garlic started turning brown, added the zukes, cooked until everything was looking about done, added raisins, added some sugar and had a deep thought or two (I used coarsely granulated "raw" sugar), then poured a slop of vinegar over the whole thing and took it off of the stove (as recommended). Verdict? Surprisingly good! I bet it would have been even better with the mint, but, well, I didn't have any.

We spent the rest of the evening going over his resume and BSing about this and that and having some port. All in all, a good evening! Now I'm going to go sort socks ...
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