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Shallow fashion details (Victorian vs Xanadu)

So today I've decided to break out the tiger striped stockings I bought from Calzedonia while I was in Taormina. Normally I'd avoid things like this like the plague, but they're kind of sparkly, and paired with a knee-length black skirt and nearly knee-length lace up Victorian boots (and a brown/red/yellow clingy sweater), it actually looks kind of good and not at all like Scottsdale matron.

Actually, I realized they look a whole lot like what Olivia Newton-John was wearing during the grand finale of Xanadu, in the rocker "I won't be needing any love for a while" bit, where she had on an ultra-short miniskirt and her hair was piled up on top of her head. I think she even had some spray-on sweat on her face to round out the look.

And the thing is, I've got this party to go to Saturday, Victorian costume, but suddenly I'm thinking, "Yeah, Olivia Newton-John in Xanadu, that's what I really want to dress up as." It would look great around a bunch of people in bustles and top hats, too.

I got a great laugh reading The Prisoner and the Fugitive yesterday (now up to page 206). Mr. Charlus has just intercepted a letter to the man he's in love with (whom I think does not reciprocate his affections), in which a lesbian expresses her passionate interest in him and makes references to him being "one of _those_." Mr. Charlus is now going crazy because he cannot imagine what exactly this man is one of, because clearly what he isn't is gay, but Mr. Charlus can't imagine what else this man IS. I have my own thoughts on the subject, but I really just wish Proust had gone ahead and included the entire letter instead of just making veiled references to what is going on!
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