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I'm doing pretty good with this gym thing

I think this is week three or four now for me with this "going to the gym" thing. Keeping the goal to a mere 20 minutes is helpful, even though I miss going out to lunch, but I guess this mean it's keeping my wallet in shape, too. I was feeling kind of tired and not up for it today, so my rowing time was slow: 2:37.5 the split, my usual 28 strokes per minute, my heart rate a rather slovenly 146 bpm. I also managed my ten minutes of biking time. This bit is much more fun with a book, but I forgot to bring one today. My goal eventually is to do three days of cardio and one day of Pilates, but it seems that'll have to wait for a while yet.

I found out that the exercise won't reduce my blood pressure (even though it should be good for my heart), but the weight loss should. I'm not doing this for weight loss reasons, but I think I'm seeing some effects anyway; I seem to slowly be creeping back from 173 to 170 again, but in a healthy way and not like I was when I was sick. I'm also noticing an increase in muscle tone on my legs, which I'm excited about; you could really tell my quads weren't getting any kind of workout the last few months. With luck I'll soon be able to manage a real sprint for the tube and not be left breathless for five minutes afterwards.


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Apr. 14th, 2008 03:01 pm (UTC)
Are you packing in special workout clothes? There is a gym at school that I can use as long as I'm paying tuition, and I have a midday break, but I've been dubious about adding to my load of toted stuff. (I think I can rent a locker at school, but I'm not sure whether that would help, other than giving me a place to stash my books while working out.) Hearing about how you're handling the logistics may inspire me...
Apr. 14th, 2008 03:22 pm (UTC)
I have a little bag with a sleeveless shirt and a pair of capri sweatpants that I keep stashed under my desk. But that's like having a little locker, isn't it? I take them home and wash them every week.

I'd add more stuff just to get the exercise break - it will do a lot for your mood!
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