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Northern Ballet's Hamlet and a really boring work out.

First, Northern Ballet Theatre's Hamlet was really good - quite the theatrical spectacle! Who'd thought you'd be having ballet with leather clad Nazis, torture scenes, and, um, men dancing in boots up to their knees? It could recruit a whole new audience to the cause (*tries to remember the name of the recently disgraced politician*). At any rate, the idea of setting it all in Paris during the Occupation was brilliant, and the several changes to the story really served the performance well - Hamlet's dad was head of police, killed by his uncle when the Nazis moved into town, and, while he's no longer a prince, his grief at the loss of his dad is actually much more moving. I also felt like his relationship with Ophelia was much better realized in this ballet than it is in the play - their love dance in the first act was just ... beautiful (*gets goosebumps*) ... and her mad scene in act two was FANTASTIC. I've never seen changing the way someone walks so perfectly capture someone who's gone over the edge. I highly recommend this show, especially because you can get main floor tickets for only £15. Go go go!

So today I was less than motivated to work out. In part I think it's because it's my third day in a row - I've not been giving myself time off because of not going on Thursday or Friday. But, well, I don't know, it's just DULL. If only I could be reading or something while I'm on the rowing machine. I tried boosting it by just a minute (to 11 minutes as the cardiologist has requested I increase my total workout time) and I was so disenchanted and bored I saw the timer had got to my normal stopping time and I just called it quits. If I were in the zone, I probably wouldn't have even noticed. The lame results were clear in my heart rate - only 135 today when I'm trying to get to 150, because otherwise I'm not getting a cardio workout, which is the whole point of this! Who knows, maybe I was also suffering from some muscle fatigue, since I spent five minutes trying to work the knots out of my back on the weight machine. At any rate, my time for the split was an abyssmal 239.1, even with a stroke rate of 29 - I think I was practially napping on the machine. Oh well, I'll be back at it next week and hopefully I'll be more motivated, but truth be told today I'm looking forward to having my membership expiring.
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