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I checked in my email and the date I'd made reservations for the Gat Xino was indeed the 24th. She changed the date in the confirmation letter, and I did not notice it at the time - I'm not in the habit of cross-checking those things.

So I was totally humiliated on Thurdsay night when we arrived and found no room at the inn, but now I'm vindicated and will be asking for a refund of all charges made to my card, both the 68.37 deposit and the 215 euros for our "one night stay" that we never got to have.

These Gat Xino idiots got my vacation off to a start that I only was recovering from on the last day, and I look forward to having my Visa card slam them to the ground.

FYI, this week is the most under-scheduled one I've had in weeks - home tonight, home Wednesday, home Thursday (now mind I won't be sitting around there by myself being all ronery or anything), and I just decided after consultation with J to not go to his show's opening on Tuesday, which means I may be at home and in fact by myself, but whatever - maybe I can get my hair done. Then Friday is Dina Martina and Saturday I'm off to Florida for a week for a conference. Frankly, doing very little this week seems like a good plan.
Tags: barcelona, money, schedule
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