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One is silver and the other gold

Well, work was like a five hour rollercoaster ride (after the first round of meetings were over) - I wound up not giving my presentation, or going to lunch, or the gym (though I did wolf down some food at my desk). I'm still sore from yesterday - I can feel it in my serratus (about six inches below my armpit) when I walk, still, so I figure I wouldn't have made it very far with rowing today. In fact, my arms appear to be still pumped up from yesterday's Pilates (hello, biceps!), so maybe I shouldn't feel bad about not going to the gym - I just wish I could have stopped working for even about twenty minutes, which I didn't, well, mostly - it's just that I was having to do things for my trip (print out hard copy of presentation, get plane tickets printed, confirm shuttle to hotel) and it didn't much feel like notwork.

Afterwards somehow meico managed to show up at the bar we'd planned on meeting him in after we got off work, only we could only stay for 30 minutes as every table in Sfizio's was booked! So we headed off for dinner, winding up at the Thai food place that got written up in the Metro months ago for setting of a hazardous materials alert when it was cooking up some chili sauce. It was, of course, delicious. Over the course of everything I decided to extend him an offer for our guest room (so's he can keep poor little shadowdaddy company while I'm gone), and now we have a guest for several days. I gave him my set of keys, he headed back to ours with his rather substantial quantity of gear, and we went to the Soho Theater to see Dina Martina with robot_mel, beluosus, and silkyraven.

Dina was totally on and the show was a hoot, filled with many Seattlites (including Imogen Love, of all people). I think I was most hurting when she was singing some horrible eighties song, clutching the microphone stand between her legs, and I noticed it slowly disappearing in the horrible folds of her camel toes. Then, to make it worse (better?) she came to our group of front-row seats and straddled beluosus's leg, and suddenly I imagined him disappearing into the depths just as the microphone stand had. It was hysterical and horrifying at the same time - sort of a perfect Dina moment. Best Dina-ism? Referring to the people suffering from the Iraq invasion as the "Iraqnids." It was all quite perfect.

At any rate, I must finish my packing. I'm taking a T-mobile cell phone with me and will post its number before I leave so folks can text me if they want, not that I figure I'll hear from much of anyone while I'm away.
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