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Arrived at Orlando

Well, all told that was a pleasant flight, no stress at check-in (my bag was underweight and I could have brought a second), breezy through security, and arriving on time though it left late. The Danish Ladies who were off to Lakeland to attend a Christian healing convention thing didn't proselytize at all; the food was good (hat off to Virgin), came frequently and included ice cream bars at one point; and I got swag that's color coordinated with everything I own. I slept quite a bit and managed to polish off a book (Ben Elton's _Popcorn_, quite a laugh).

Orlando airport made me happy, in part because my cash card worked but also because they had an Occitaine (and a Lush) and an arcade with four pinball machines in it (where I plan on whiling away all my time before my return flight). I found the public bus without too much trouble (though I waited 20 minutes in the muggy air thanks to farting around earlier) and happily deposited my newly aquired $1.75 in the slot prior to heading out on the 90 minute ride to the hotel. I was hoping to hit the pool at the hotel tonight and I think it will happen, but I feel a hankerin' for some messican food coming on. Sad to think I'll be spending Drinko de Mayo without any boozing partners. Where are Phillip Smith and Mary Spencer when I need them?
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