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Day one in Orlando comes to a close

It's 11:30 PM or so in Orlando, so I've done a good job of staying up. Getting to the hotel was a pain in the end - the hour and a half bus ride left me at a stop from which I had no idea whether to go north, south, east, or west, and with no map to give me a clue I was in pretty sad shape. I wound up hailing a cabbie, who gave me a lift for free (earning him a $5 tip), though I think the fifteen minute walk (if I'd known where I was going) wouldn't have been too bad.

The hotel itself is fab, and, with a bathtub the size of a full bed (fully kitted with Crabtree and Evelyn goodies), I'm wishing like mad spikeylady were staying here with me and giving it the loving it deserves. Frankly, I'm finding this place ridiculously huge, with a kitchen, a dining table, and asitting area with a couch and two chairs. I've had many apartments that were much smaller. The concierge was too good for words (and got me a corporate rate for Seaworld, which I'll be visiting tomorrow) and the politeness and enthusiasm of the staff ... well, kinda creeped me out a bit. But I suppose they're following their script, and they were very good at it.

Afterwards I waited for the trolley to come by and had NOTHING at all for about forty minutes. This, in my mind, is unacceptable from a form of "public" transportation. Later I found out the drivers are having a strike. Great! So at ten o'clock at night (thanks to the long bus ride, the wait to get to the hotel, and the forty minute wait) I finally got to a place to eat (the only place in walking distance is a KFC, a Wendy's, and a Denny's - this hotel is out in the sticks!). As it turns out, Adobe Gila's Cantina is a lame as you'd expect from the number of southwestern words they tried to stick together to make its name (rather like Covent Garden's "Navajo Joe's"). My enchiladas were wretched - two maybe-corn but pasty like flour tortillas not even covered with sauce but more like decorated with it (and only one had cheese on top) served on a paper lined raffia tray that the rice and beans did their most to soak through. And we were given plastic knives and forks. The raspberry margarita was good, but otherwise ... avoid at all costs. The waitress never brought me water and when the band started up it was time to go.

So now I'm home after a quick run past Walgreens, which means the room now has milk and Lucky Charms for me to eat for breakfast (not to mention Red Hots, Lifesavers, Junior Mints, dark chocolate M&Ms, Fiddle Faddle, Now & Laters, and about every candy I've restrained from buying at Cybercandy,
as well as some tolietries, which I won't be eating). And I think the melatonin is finding the exhaustion and soon I will be asleep ....

I bet this place would be really neat if there was someone else here with me.
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