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I am supposed to be up in eight hours and coherent in nine

Let's see. I went to Seaworld today. It's a pretty good family entertainment destination but it is NOT really particularly educational. They had pretty crap aquariums - Chicago obviously kicked their ass six ways to Sunday - but I was really expecting more. Yes, okay, nice shark tank, but ... well, okay, the sea dragon tank was also awesome and they seemed to be doing a good job of keeping them alive ... but ... I don't know, I'm not comfy with orcas being kept in captivity and their tanks seemed way too small and "Shamu" seemed to be "pacing" in his pen. The nod to conservation was a very small one - I felt like their was a much bigger nod to GO TEAM USA! and DRINK BUDWEISER! throughout the park, even if the manatee rescue program was probably pretty good. But the captive polar bears and belugas were just sad. They were decorations in an "arctic" exhibit, and even though it was a cool exhibit (touring a ship frozen in the ice!), it's just ... they aren't pets. And pretty much if you paid enough money you could "swim" with anything. It was really all about getting the money, you know? I did learn today that orcas can curl their tongues, seals can walk backwards, and manatees eat their own poo. Manatees also have no natural predators, not even alligators (after they're about six months old) and have less body fat than humans.

I kind of miss my obese, jingoistic countrymen, as it turns out, and they were actually pretty uniformly nice today, which was good as I was ridiculously ready to talk to anybody about anything, and they let me.

After getting rained out of the park, I changed into dry clothes and headed up International Way via the bus (which has regularly scheduled service ... until 8:30 on Sunday, though). Tonight's experiment was Don Pedro's, which showed up on "mexican restaurant international drive orlando" as a sponsored ad on Google. It was a big corporate joint rather like Chevy's, with good margs and ... soft tacos. Brrr. I got the "tres amigos" enchilada plate, which meant two out of the three things I got were good enough (one of them was very like Mama's Mexican Kitchen in Seattle), but of course a ground beef enchilada is always dull. The chips were too thin, the salsa uninspired, and once again I've found a place that doesn't understand you don't make sopapillas by deep frying a flour tortilla. Get with the program, guys. At any rate, I'm feeling perfectly free to not eat anything I don't like and still feeling overfed, so I guess on the whole dinner was decent. I cry though when I think of the restaurants I passed on that were closer to the airport. Mmmm, Rio Grande Avenue, I hope we will meet again. At any rate, I entertained myself by reading the Sunday paper throughout my meal (since I'd neglected to bring a book), and, boy, do I miss reading the Sunday paper! It just all made more sense to me than the British papers, though I can't put my finger on it (and it's not just because it's US news, in some ways even the flavor of international news was different and somehow better meeting my expectations. Maybe UK news is from the colonies and ours is from, er, US colonies or something).

I got out of the restaurant and just missed one of the $1 shuttles back home and with another 20 minutes wait and the possibility of finding out that I'd really missed the last one of the night, I gave up and took a taxi that I split with some other desperate people waiting fruitlessly at the stop. I still waited long enough to not get back here until 10:40, and now I really need to go to bed. I suspect the trip to Bob Evans will have to wait another morning and tomorrow I'll be having Lucky Charms again.
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