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Review of the Party Boat

It was lovely to be floating in a boat off the shore of the lovely city of Seattle last night, even though it was cold and dampish on the decks. I had a chance to visit with some people I didn't know very well, met a few new folks, ate chicken peanut sate, drank three kamikazis, danced a little, and tried my hand at craps and blackjack. But mostly I was kind of bored, due to the lack of karaoke. I wanted to be on shore at the Mandarin Gate singing there, but instead I was locked on a "three hour tour" with a bunch of people I didn't know very well. Afterwards, since Worthy Opponent completely failed to be home in time to come pick me up, it took me an hour to get home from the time we docked to the last few minutes of walking home from the bus stop in a freezing rain - pathetic given how close I really was to my house. Snow started falling while we talked to each other, and there was frozen mush on the stairs this morning. Unsurprisingly, I opted to take the car myself today - and get in an extra hour of sleep. I've also got my fingers crossed for going out some place half way decent for lunch.

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