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Manatee fun facts

I slept for four hours this afternoon, maybe four and a half based on when I posted on LJ. When I got up, shadowdaddy made me iced tea, then ran to the store to get Fud as we had very little. I stared out the window and muttered; awake was not happening so well. Around 5:30 or so we were having roast chicken, mac and cheese, and a salad, which seemed like the healthiest meal I had in a week. I was very happy. Now I've had rather a lot of Ecusson cider and I am ready to share some of the wonderful information I got over the course of my week in Florida. No, I am not going to tell you about software testing, I am going to talk about ... manatees!

Did you know ...
Manatees have bellybuttons? You can see them when they roll on their backs!
Manatees nurse from the armpit!
Manatees are almost all flesh and no fat!
Manatees' closest living relative is the elephant!
Manatees eat their own poop!
Manatees, as adults, have no predators!
Mantees do not have incisors - they only have molars!
Manatees have prehensile noses and use them to pull their food into their mouths!
Manatees get hypothermia at 63 degrees!
Manatees push food toward their mouths with their amazingly flexible front paws! (Er, flippers?)
Manatees live in Florida rivers in the winter - because they are spring fed, they are warm!
Manatees eat ten percent of their body weight daily!
Mantees have toenails!
A manatee can hide in water as little as three feet deep despite weighing over 2000 pounds! (Yep, that's some murky water we're talking about.)

I am afraid I came home with a manatee tank top, a manatee necklace, and a manatee shot glass. It's a bit embarassing, really. Only ... manatees!
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