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Phone, heart, etc

My phone's been "pulling a whitey" regularly for about a week now. It's like the blue screen of death but it's white. shadowdaddy and I were calling it "IWS syndrome," for Irritating White Screen. What would happen is that the display would slowly fade to white and all of the touch controls would die, so you'd be in the middle of sending a text and suddenly the whole thing would turn into the Cheshire Cat, disappearing in front of your eyes. Aargh.

I took it into the Orange store and, seriously, I was the Unwanted Customer of Doom. Not buying a cell phone? We don't want your business. I mean, as it is, you can't get a bit of service there unless they know your cell phone number, which is _on my cell phone_ (sorry, I just have a hard time memorizing number). The girl said I can't upgrade for another seven months (which I think will be free) but meanwhile I could buy a new phone for a mere £150 - or, oh yeah, I could pay £15 to get my phone fixed ... _if_ I had the original receipt. "And what would I keep that for?" I asked her. "So you can use it when you get rid of your phone." "But I want to fix it, not get rid of it. Come on, I bought the phone _at this store_, surely you have a record of the purchase." Then she played her trump card: "Yeah, so, that would work only if you know the day you bought the phone." And, well, you know, I pretty well had that in hand because I'd looked it up to figure out whether or not I'd crossed the one year line. To her extreme irritation, she was even able to find me on their system. So now I am out of a phone for a week, and I don't really have a backup right now. I'm trying to use W's old phone, but ... I just can't figure out how to, or if it's working, or where my contacts list is, or if I even had it on my sim card or not. I'd try to use my old Motorola phone, but the charger, er, has exposed wires and has been thrown out. So right now I have no cell phone, but since I don't get a lot of calls or texts I don't think this is really going to rock anyone's world. Contact via email - it's the best! And in a week and a half I should have my old phone back, or something.

Anyway, the echocardiogram/graph (before the trip to the phone store) was pretty cool. At one point I could see the little ventricle thingies in my heart opening and closing like pinball flippers on the screen. The technician said my heart looked good, no build up or anything, but the exercise and stuff was definitely a good idea. Next visit (Wednesday): how is my liver looking?

And now I'm going to take a nap and then move the cat back from W's to my place. I sure lead an exciting life, don't I?
Tags: cell phone companies suck, el corazon, orange has crap customer service
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