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So, I was feeling grumpy on my way home about the whole phone thing. I mean, really, in the space of a week, my phone shits out and a bank machine eats my cash card (and then the bank wouldn't give it back). I was just reading Jasper Fforde's first "Nursery Crime" book this afternoon, and the detective was explaining (in the midst of solving the mystery of Did Humpty Jump or Was He Pushed) how things are different in their bailiwick, such as the law of threes, and I thought, thank goodness I'm not superstitious, or I'd think I had another one coming!

I got home to my flat with the cat (whom I'd carried in her box all the way from Wechsler's flat), pulled out the key, and discovered ... when the exterminators had come by, they had locked the bottom lock.

The one with the skeleton key, the key I don't have.

And there I was without a phone and no money.

Anyway, though a miracle I managed to get ahold of shadowdaddy, who was about to start his French class. He has just now let me in the flat, only about 2 1/2 hours later.

Next up, something about magic beans, and I'm going to be looking for sacks of wool and possibly a set of pigs, or bears, in "small/medium/large." And a woodcutter. Nothing bad ever happens to woodcutters.
Tags: jasper fforde, well ffs, whinging
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