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Workout notes

Getting bored at the gym - it's kept me in classes of various sorts for most of my gym-going career. But these days I'm trying to keep my goals low (20 minutes at a time, three days a week, which means no one-hour classes) so that I can improve my attendance and get ultimately better results for my heart. But oh, the boredom!

I'm supposed to work up to thirty minutes and right now I'm trying to make it feasible through adding on more biking - er, once I get over this bit of being bored silly, which has me shuffling around my workout. The goal is a heart rate over 150, so any exercise or combination thereof is acceptable - I just need to get through the time without giving up, then add five minutes, then another five. I'm aiming for next week for the 25 minute workout - I expect I'll get to 30 some time in June.

I did all biking on either Thursday or Friday of last week, but it was a bit of a failure as my heart rate only got up to 142. Today I did five minutes of rowing (32 strokes per minute, split in 2:25 so quite a bit faster than my time for ten minutes), which got my heart rate up to 160, then got onto a stationary bicycle (as opposed to the stationery bicycle, which isn't strong enough to support a human being and melts when sweated upon). This one actually had a working heart rate monitor, so I could see that I was perking along at 150-153 beats per minute once I got warmed up. That was quite acceptable, I think. God only knows the sweat was trickling down my forehead and arms, so I did feel like I was working.

Lunch now is cold pasta and a salad - pretty tasty, really, and cheap to boot. This gym thing, it sure is keeping my lunch bills down. And I got a look at my thighs this morning and man, I am putting on the muscle (even though I still have lots of fat to ward off the cold, I can see the sleek, powerful stuff beneath it and it is impressive).
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