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More links of the day

"I have wanted an engagement ring for as long as I can remember," says Gielgud, who has been engaged three times, once at 17. "My first impression is of storybook princes giving storybook princesses vast sparkly rings. So I knew from a very early age that it meant being loved, desired, respected and secure… It was very important to me to have a concrete symbol of being adored and wanted."

Wow. Do she and I live on different planets? (And if you are a woman and have a kid, are pregant, or are wanting to be a mom, can you do me, yourself, and your kids a favor and make sure you've planned for being able to take care of your kids by yourself if you need to, such as getting whatever qualifications you need for a decent job? I think spending the money to go to college is much more romantic than a piece of wearable decor, and a partner who will spend the time to help you be self-sufficient is much more exciting than someone who will show you they can take care of you - because it will happen sometimes that they can't, sometimes permanently.)

Meanwhile, the NY Times says, "Work your muscles and stave off breaking your bones later." Even if you can't see results, the important thing is that they be well used.

Finally, different ways of cooking and serving vegetables affect how much and what kind of nutrients you get from your food - but raw is not always better. I thought this was very interesting reading as it went contrary to received wisdom.
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