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Sunday, rain all day, shopping, little motivation

I've got the first batch of Thanksgiving shopping done, and I now have all the ingredients I need to make the cranberry chutney, although I'm still woefully short of potatoes and onions and would very much like to find a blue squash still. I need to remember to get things put away though - I think the dogs would find pecans and pie crust very interesting.

After doing close to nothing all day long we made it over to Chris and Mauries, where we met up with Cathy. We were served Chris' chile and Maurie's homemade pumpkin pie ("Would that be a stick of butter in the crust?" "Yes.") and played a game of Catan. Worthy Opponent won, then I departed (for a shower and responsible poodle walking, neither of which I have yet done) while they played on. It's stopped raining at last, so it looks like NOW would be the crucial moment to take the dogs out to get nice and muddy. Then, perhaps, I will take a bath.
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