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Liver, kidneys looking good; Penna Alla Norma a success

Tonight I had booklectic over for dinner and made her penne alla Norma. It seemed to go over fairly well and I'm feeling pleased at my cooking fu. It was the first time I'd had company at my house in about two months (I think) and was really nice. We finished off my last bottle of Ecusson and I introduced her to plum wine (yummy). We also checked out this month's Hotel Chocolat selection. Red Alert was yummy; Chambord Indulgence seemed a bit dry. I think she liked the Butterscotch Crumble but I'm not sure. We had a really good visit. She said I seemed to be settling down here to stay and I thought the indications were that I was, as I've only thought about leaving twice, when I was pretty down (even though I've thought of my house and life in Seattle a lot, I haven't much thought about it being time to go, although listening to Magnetic Fields tonight was making me miss some folks). As she was packing up, a fireworks display went off over Fulham or Chelsea, somewhere that was perfectly visible through the right-most window of the living room. It was really lovely. I've promised to come over and cook for her, and teach her how if she's interested. Yum, food.

The ultrasound today went well. I have great blood flow in my liver; my kidneys are full of fine, meaty tissue (surrounding a fatty interior, as expected) and both are a perfect size (my kidney is not the size of a peanut, so there shadowdaddy). The doctor said a main problem with kidneys for adults is due to childhood urinary tract infections - isn't that surprising? Anyway, I had no build up and no sign of any disease whatsoever - a textbook "important organs in fine working order" scan. I'm sure the doctor was happy about it - I sure was. Afterwards I went home and took a nap, and all things told, I was pretty happy about that, too, as I was up way too late last night. Let's see if I can improve on this tonight ...
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