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New menu at Wahaca; new works at the Linbury

Well, I've got my review up of the New Works thing we saw tonight at the Linbury studio in the Royal Opera House. It reminded me of "the good old days" in Seattle when we'd frequent the Northwest New Works series and could frequently be found at On The Boards and Velocity Dance Studio. I guess I've spent a lot of my life looking for the next new thing, at least when it comes to theater and dance - or maybe hoping to support people early in their career when they need it. The quality of dancers tonight was amazing, but the works were - mixed, if uniformly better in general than what I used to see back home. But also - I don't know, dryer. And I came to see a piece by one particular choreographer (Wayne McGregor), and for whatever reason they didn't have it on the program. Boo.

That said - dinner at Wahaca was great. They've added some new items to their menu, substantially expanding their vegetarian options (spinach tacos! nopalitos tostadas!) and changing out moles (I can't remember what the new one is but YUM).

Overall I think I can say I had a good evening but GOD blogging a show right when I get home is just taking it out of me!
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