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A great way to get rid of extra zucchini (recipe) - Tortiglioni with courgette sauce

This recipe reminds me of a vegetarian carbonara - it's quite good. It's impressive what you can do with so few ingredients! This is what we just had for lunch, yet another winner from the Real Sicilian Cookery book. Tomorrow I'm going to try the pasta Nciaciata - one veggie pan (which probably is a different recipe if you're being a traditionalist) and one meat pan. I bet it will be great!

Zucchini pasta (Courgettes pasta)
Note: the kind of pasta you use doesn't really matter - you just want something fairly chunky
400 g pasta (enough for 4 people)
500 g zucchini (about four)
100 g of soft cheese (ricotta - I used about half a cup)
100 g parmesan
30 g margarine (I used two tablespoons butter)
1 egg (yolk only)
salt and pepper
olive oil

Wash and lightly scrape the zukes; then slice and brown in a pan with the margarine and two spoonfuls of olive oil. (I cut them into half moons - it's possible that you could dice or matchstick them, too.) Cook on medium heat for about 20 minutes, adding water if necessary (I did not add water).
Meanwhile, in a tureen (which will be used to dress the pasta), mix together an egg yolk, the cheese, and some salt and pepper (it just says "cheese" - I added both cheeses) until you get a creamy mixture.
Boil the tortiglioni or other pasta until done. Tip them into the creamy mixture, add the zukes, and sprinkle the parmesan over all.
Mix carefully and serve while hot. (It's nice with more parmesan on top. Yum!)

I am not at Iron Man right now - I spent about two hours going through boxes of stuff, was obliged to dash out to buy groceries before the 5 PM Sunday closing time, and am tuckered out now. Maybe later ... though shadowdaddy says he wants to come home and play some of our new board games and drink green tea martinis later, which I think sounds like a right pleasant Sunday evening.
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