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More gymness

Well, I'm supposed to be working my way up to half an hour workouts, starting with 25 minutes workouts this week. However - I forgot as I was busy arguing with the idiots at LA Fitness about how to arrange some sort of renewal for my 9 week membership. Gah! I finally sort of got it sorted out, at least enough to get to work. Today I did some rhomboid stretches (for some reason I have huge knots between my shoulderblades), rowing (3 minutes), biking (13 minutes, during which they found Humpty Dumpty's car), and a little bit of elliptical trainer joke machine (4 minutes, enough to try to build up those muscle sets that proved to me so clearly on Friday that they didn't actually yet exist). So I only managed 20 minutes today and was just barely skimming 150 bpm, but I feel pretty sure I can add more time on the elliptical trainer or the bike - they aren't really boring me like the rowing does.
Tags: corporate gyms suck, jasper fforde
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