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"The Fugitive" update - dreaming of Paris

I've been continuing to plow my way through Remembrance of Things Past (or In Search of Lost Time, which is probably a better title), and I'm realizing that my birthday is coming up, and with it the trip to Paris I planned months ago. I'm excited: I really want to indulge myself in things Proust, and I was thinking that a lovely walk in the Bois de Boulougne would be a perfect summertime activity. I'm at page 453 of the combined Prisoner/Fugitive, and the author is dealing with grief now, and also the difficulty of knowing happy times when you're in the middle of them. God, he's great to read, even though I think he's made it difficult for me to get much enjoyment out of poorly written books.

Proust came up twice in my waking life this week; once in the Pinter book I bought, and a second time last night when I was watching a short film before Iron Man. The narrator of the film was talking about all of the little things he did on a certain day so that he wouldn't be troubled while doing his work; at the end he does no work at all but goes to bed early so he'll wake up rested and ready for his work tomorrow. It was really painfully similar to a lot of the texture of reading Proust, as shown by this mock Proust blog entry (thanks sallysimpleton). Who'd think he'd be an object of gentle derision?
Tags: prisoner and the fugitive, proust, remembrance of things past
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