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Couldn't sleep but I'm running on something this morning

I started reading the New York Times article about online dating on the bus today and it had me laughing out loud. Love this quote: "I have no one to ask whether Greg is a man-whore but Greg himself." I'm very interested in new ways of creating community, though, so it had me thinking, too.

I was also thinking that the SF novels that I like - well, of the cyberpunk genre - have all too frequently fallen into a few narrow plot categories. First: There's a Virus Loose on the Net - and it's Killing People! Second: I Thought I Was Just a Human - Then I Discovered I Was Engineered to be the genetic future of mankind (Hermetech)/ a substitute for the sister of the greatest nano-scientist ever, genetically imprinted with the future of mankind (Queen City Jazz)/ Aimee Mann (forget the book). I'd guess there's a few more plots out there, but right now if I figure out it's falling into the first category, I send it right to the Twice Sold Tales pile.
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