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Proust Update and Peony Pavillion full review

For all three of you that like Chinese opera, my more substantial review is now available online. I'm afraid writing it this morning might have made me a bit late for work, but, in fact, I made it in on time. Yay!

For the two of you that are keeping track of my Proust adventures, I'm at page 472 of The Prisoner and The Fugitive. The narrator is still grieving, but also reflecting on the randomness of love, how it might be someone not showing up somewhere that leads you to fall in love with someone else, or how someone might console you for being ignored by another and either of these two people might become your eventual love. He also had a fantastic metaphor about how there are many different gates to a memory, and sometimes you are led to think about something through a completely unexpected avenue.

I am guessing at this rate that I will wind up just completely taking Thursday night off - the event I had blocked out on my calendar isn't happening (at least not with me), so, rather than seeing a movie, I think I might just have a night to recover from two solid nights of Chinese opera and actually get some sleep.
Tags: chinese opera, prisoner and the fugitive, proust

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