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Uncle's visit day four: Borough Market and the National Theater

Well, today was a pretty good day, with a bit of a lie in to start - the week did take it out of us. We went to catch up with my uncle at around 11 AM outside of the National, where he'd gone to get some ten quid tickets for The Year of Magical Thinking. We strolled down the south bank, winding up at the Borough Market with a good appetite. We poked in the cathedral for a bit, then caught up with wechsler, who'd limped over from Putney to join us. Lunch was from a variety of stands and yummy.

Afterwards Bert went off to see his play and J and I went home for a chill out (read: nap time for me), then headed back around 5. We killed time until the show playing cards in the Royal Festival Hall, then went to the National at around 6:30 and had some food (sammies I'd picked up at the market earlier). rosamicula found us at about 7:15 and we headed into the show, which was, verily, full of blood and utterly OTT. I guess they'd maybe thought there wasn't quite enough blood as they added piles and piles of sex to, I don't know, sex it up (do they think modern audiences won't sit through a play that old unless they do?). It was a bit like adding a cup of salt to something you're cooking under the belief that salt always makes things taste better. At any rate, we all found it entertaining (though possibly everyone's reasons were different) and, if nothing else, it still wasn't Fram (even though an actor slipped on the still slick blood spot after the interval).

Ah ... last show tomorrow - Brief Encounter at the Royal Haymarket. If anyone else wants to come with us, feel free - we'll be getting tickets from the half price booth and there will doubtlessly be plenty available.

Man, don't I have any friends in London that like to play regular old card games? Tonight was fun and I want to play cards more.
Tags: family, theater

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