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A room with a view?

Well, we've moved into our new space at the office, one floor up and to the right. This, technically, is a room with a view, though at eye level what I've got is a view of a dripping vent and the edge of a wall with a crane peeping over it. Directly over my computer is the corner of the building across the way; it kind of looks like a Di Chirico painting if you're romantic about this sort of stuff.picture.jpgThat said, a floor to ceiling blast of natural light like this is just the cure for the dog days of ... well, most of the year, and I'm grateful to have access to the light.

Just a little imagination and I can see that what I have is a view of clouds and sky. That's really pretty nice.

Oh yes, I have my "real" phone back, as you can see by the fact I've made a picture post for the first time in a month. The buttons aren't quite in the same place and the font is wrong and I miss all of my old pictures and everything. Text me your phone numbers, please! (Or text me your names so I can add them with your phone numbers attached.)

Maureen Dowd's column today is a hoot ("It does not occur to Parisians that Americans will choose the old, white-haired one if they can have the cool, skinny one with the Ray-Bans, John le Carré novels, chic wife and secret cigarettes."); but my real attention was drawn to the recap of the Tony awards. It's no surprise that Autumn: Osage County got such accolades, but I was shocked that Mike Rylance, the guy that played the lead in Boeing Boeing (the show I saw with scarlettina when she visited) won the best actor award over Patrick Stewart, whose Macbeth was truly brilliant.

My new spot means that everyone in the entire building can see what I've got on my screen, which isn't so hot, but if it's the price I pay for sunshine, I'm willing to accept it. (Frankly this seems a bit like blatant favoritism, though I have no idea what I've done to deserve it.) What I wish, really, is that I could _get the build I need_ and get to work. Instead, I think I'll do a little more unpacking. I'm also backlogged with theater reviews that need to be written - odd how keeping up the other blog has really become a passion for me.

I've got no shows planned now for three weeks - it's a relief! Having my uncle here did kind of wear me out, but what I'm wishing now is that he'd be here for a few more days - I had so much fun playing cards with him and he really is just my favoritist relative, my last and best tie to Gramma, the one who can tell me the stories behind all of the silly bits and bobs I have in my house that came from hers. And he really liked my food, even if serving him lambchops and pestoed fresh gnocchi (which he'd never had before!) was kind of setting the odds in my favor. *sigh* Oh well, December will be here soon enough.
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