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Proustiana day 1

We're sitting in the Champs Elysee right now, fresh from an afternoon of heavy Proust geeking (I'll call it "A la recherche du temps du Proust"). First stop was 9 Rue Malesherbes, Proust's childhood home. I was sadly excited to walk the exact streets he once trod - though, oddly, there was nary a sign to indicate he once lived there! We were quite puzzled but the presence of another Proust geek proved both reassuring and comforting (plus I got to geek with someone else for once, which was pathetically thrilling for me.) Earlier I'd bought volume one of The Work in cartoon form - doubtlessly a version with pictures will be a great crutch when faced with all of those difficult French words.

Just before, we'd found a tea shop (Betjeman and Barton), which I was unable to resist. Apparently the first flush :arjeelings are coming in - quite tempting but at 30 euros per 100 grams I restrained myself. I came out with a nice sized bag of Kenya Milima and a sample of Castleton Estate 2nd flush Darjeeling, which the guy swore was the best stuff in the store. I'm more than willing to put it to the test!

Now we're going to finish our walk, looking for the place where Marcel's grandmother (in the book) had her stroke, and then, I suspect, we'll be quite hungry and more than ready for dinner. Somehow I suspect we'll be having cider with our meal tonight. Wish us luck with the weather - it rained cats and dogs earlier today!

Tags: paris, pix, proust, tea

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