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What short day at work?

I thought this was going to be a short day, but I'm barely leaving early. I did get fed by two other people in addition to having my own lunch, so that was nice. Now I have five million errands to run, including getting an analysis done at the vet to see if my cat has any kidney function yet. This could put a chill to the start of my holiday plans, but the rollercoaster of cleaning and cooking will continue whether my hands are held up or down. Fortunately years of practicing emotional repression (where bad things are concerned) will leave me perfectly suited to dealing with guests tomorrow, and of course being busy is good therapy. My guess is that I'll probably wind up having my cat put to sleep on Friday one way or another - it's just the way things are looking right now, since she hasn't eaten since Sunday. I'll just try not thinking about at it until that very moment and otherwise continue soldiering on the next two days. Now I'm going to get the tile.
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