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Links and thoughts and Proust, again

I took the money my dad Paypaled me and used it to buy this book: Following Proust: Norman Churches, Cathedrals, and Paris Painting. Of course, I couldn't use Paypal to pay someone on Amazon, so really the money is just sitting there, probably waiting for me to do something embarassing with it on Ebay. I wish I'd had this book for my weekend, but I think I will still enjoy it.

An article in the New York Times said that waistlines are a better measure of possible cardiac problems than BMI. I'm not so up for having my waistline measured at the office but I am going to check and see how I hold up against this.

There is also a long article about pollution on beaches that I want to read - ever since I ran across a beach full of tennis shoes while hiking on the "primitive" Pacific coast part of the Olympic National Park I've been interested in the topic. Fortuantely this was before the whole "foot found in shoe" things started.
Tags: it's all a big fat lie, links, proust

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