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Cooking in a feline hospice

The cooking is coming along. I found the hour by hour breakdown of Thanksgiving last year on my old blog and got a good laugh out of the futility of some of my plans. I also got a reminder to do some stuff I hadn't thought of, like baking the squash. Right now I'm waiting for the stock to finish reducing for the stuffing. The moment I added the onions to the bacon and butter mix was just astoundingly mouthwatering. I got a new kind of thick sliced premium bacon (coated in peppercorns!) from the Safeway, and it's just incredibly aromatic. Yum!

In other news ... Hestia is rapidly going downhill. I decided at the vet today (I got there too late to go back home and get a proper sample - mine was inadequate) to just plan on going back Friday AM, either for fluid treatment (if she had eaten) or for euthanasia. She's now exhibiting the signs of liver failure the vet described (which she said would set in if she continued to refuse to eat) -- stumbling, seeming confused. Mostly she's just stayed curled in a little ball. Everytime I get close enough to her she opens an eye, and I swear she's thinking, God, can't I be dead now? I'm trying so hard. So if it wasn't a big assed day of chaos tomorrow, and if the vets were open, I'd just take her in to be put to sleep - my hopes that she'd pick up and eat seem quite pollyannaish. Well, at least she's able to jump on the chair to nap (shocking!) - maybe she's got another two days in her still. (C'mon little kitty - let's eat!)
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