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Review of "The Quiz" now up

Perhaps I'll regret not going to see Candide tonight, but, hey, maybe the weather will be crappy on Sunday and I won't want to go to Brighton and I can catch it then. That said, I don't know when else I was going to see The Quiz if I didn't go tonight ... review now up on my other blog. ("The Quiz" is about "The Grand Inquisitor" from The Brothers Karamazov.)

Sadly, I think I was motivated to some extent to see this show because I wanted to pump up the stats for my site - if I don't go to a show for two weeks, what the heck am I supposed to write about? But J and I had dinner at Trafalgar Square beforehand and walked from the theater to the Houses of Parliament afterwards, so we still managed to enjoy the nice day despite hiding out in a theater for an hour. I was actually motivated to walk toward Westminster because of the book The Amulet of Samarkand that I've been reading ... the protagonist keeps looking at them out his bedroom window and dreaming of a day when he'd have enough power to be there. I was just at a good bit when I put the book down last night, perhaps I can get in ten minutes before I fall over dead asleep ...
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