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Got the soundtrack turned off; am hoping will get level soon

Work today went smoothly enough. I got ahead on my project, a veritable first in the annals of QA. There was plenty of time to go to the gym, too. (shadowdaddy has joined, so hopefully we can go together sometimes.) I left a bit early, dashed across the road to the magnificent butcher for some pork chops, then headed to Camden and the pet food store (Palmers) that has the special Persian cat food I feed Boo.

This all got me out in plenty of time to meet wechsler as he was leaving work, and we headed to Waterloo (avoiding the District Line and Earl's Court, as it had caught on fire) and thence to Putney. At my house, we chatted for a bit, then I took a stab at making a balsamic reduction sauce for the pork chops. This involved frying the pork chops in butter and olive oil (seemed a bit indulgent, really), then adding some diced onions (it said a shallot, but whatever) and finally some schmancy balsamic vinegar. This all got poured on top of the pork chops, which were served with a side of garlicky kale and fresh rotelli with the remainders of the Sicilian pesto on top. Yum. Afterwards we sat on the couch with some nice French cider and watched the river roll by. Not too bad a way to spend the evening - of course, I've gone and ruined it by spending the last hour looking for the documents we need for our visa application, a third of which are currently in the US with our tax return. DOH!

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