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Chapter two of "The Fugitive" has begun

I'm shocked to say I finished a chapter of The Fugitive - I had no idea there was more than one! Last night, the narrator got published. I'm quite suprised about the turn the book has taken for a few reasons. First, I had just read about 500 pages in which he not once discusses actually doing any writing. Second, it's his mom that hands him the paper in which his article is published. Now, the whole time he had his fancy bit living with him, his folks were not once at home. How is it that they suddenly returned right when he got the girlie to head out? It's all just too ridiculous, making the entire Albertine episode seem even more like something that only happened in his imagination. Perhaps it's all a big metaphor - but for what? At any rate, I'm on page 536, and he's going to be going to Venice soon, and I'm quite excited to see how that goes - should get me psyched for my trip in October with my sister.

I am feeling more cheerful today, by the way.

Tonight: I get to hear Guy Maddin narrate My Winnipeg! I wonder if it will be good or if it will be unbearably twee? I need to buy tickets to see his other movies but it hasn't happened for most of them ...
Tags: guy maddin, movies, prisoner and the fugitive, proust
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