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Review of "My Winnipeg"

I enjoyed "My Winnipeg" quite a bit. While Guy Maddin doesn't have a particularly mellifluous voice, I enjoyed the peek into his mind that actually listening to him speak as his movie played gave me. Watching the movie was like taking a tour through someone else's memories; in this case, someone who was able to recreate the ones not available on film and also create new ones that I felt illustrated some of the parts of the brain where recollection is distorted by time and the overlayer of dreams. I was also able to get insights into his movie making process, both the mental thread/s that power/s his scenography (I think that's the right word, I'm trying to say the way he strings images together) and some of the personal iconography that powers his choice of what to film (specifically beauty parlors and ice hockey a la Coward Bend The Knee).

Anyway, recommended, and now I want to see as many of the remaining films in the series (at least the ones I haven't seen) as possible. I reupped my membership to the BFI; expect to see me at the BFI weekly for the rest of the month. (Anyone else want to come with? Just let me know ...)
Tags: guy maddin, movies, reviews
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