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Was it my dinner?

I dreamed last night that Siouxsie Sioux was dancing in front of me in an outfit that was so tight that her breasts were completely on display. I was oddly compelled to watch them as she shimmied around in her skin tight outfit. Was it the lasagna?

After mahjong last night at Cafe Vita, I realized that I had a deadline coming up for the "Smuterati" article for Tablet. I checked my email at 10:45, and WOW! The deadline is (what now is) today! So I rushed through my shower so I could get a little writing in before I went to bed, which of course meant that I was up until midnight, which of course means that I feel hung over today and I'm ACHING for a cup of tea. Fortunately, there are plenty of electrical outlets below my desk. I just have to be surreptitious about where I keep the tea kettle at night.
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