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Different travelling goals

There are two trips happening at the same time on this visit to York. Me, I'm doing the Early Music thing - tonight was the second concert, Emma Kirkby doing music of exile (in this case German stuff based on Bible verses about the Jews being kicked out of Egypt). It suffered from being held in an overly warm building - the audience seemed to be fussing quite a bit.

Meanwhile, shadowdaddy is on the York pub crawl. Last night was The Maltings, which boasted four kinds of cider on the door and fully lived up to its billing. I had "Ruby Tuesday " (I think), which I think had some raspberry in it and was deee-lish. Jason matched my half with a whole of the brilliant White Horse. My second half was a peanut slash cheesy tasting failure, best forgotten; J got a York Guzzler, which paled in the glare of number one.

picture.jpgTonight we skipped the highly rated Gillygate in favor of a pub with a patio, and thus we find ourselves at the Three Legged Mare (the picture is our patio view - note the gargoyle). I think the pub might be named after some phrase meaning "scaffold." I have a pint of Stowford Press cider, which is quite nice. J has already finished his "Bumble Bee" and has come back with a pint of "York Stonewall." The people at the table next to us just wished us a happy Fourth. Earlier they were making fun of "Southern" accents, which I found hilarious. We both love the way people sound up here - it's been almost two full days since anyone said "innit." Ah, heaven. Now if there were only someplace still open where I could get an ice cream ...
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