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End of the York pub tour

Yesterday was an interesting travelling day, most especially notable because I've rarely gotten so wet before. It wasn't just my shoes - we inadvertently got caught on the York wall during a shower that turned into a full-blown thunderstorm. We were initially doing quite well huddling near the crenellations (and under a tree and under our umbrellas), but then this carpet of water began to fall from the sky and I started getting soaked through from the bounce off of the stones and the river running off of my umbrella (and thence down my bag, to be deposited on my butt). At one point I could feel the water running down my leg _inside_ of my clothing. This eventually necessitated going back to the B&B for a complete change of clothing, _right down to the underwear_ (because I finally realized the progress I was going to be able to make with a hairdryer was completely inadequate given there were nice dry ones available).

That said, it was still a fun day and a good evening. J and I avoided the rain for much of the day first by shopping (L'Occitaine summer sale, various charity shops, a game store where we picked up a copy of Brass, and finally a New Look, home of my new pair of dry shoes), then by going to the York castle museum, which had nothing to do with the castle and everything to do with the more recent people's history of Yorkshire. (I got kind of excited about the Roman history - of "Erbacorum," I believe - and wanted to find out more about it). And despite the weather, Shadowdaddy just isn't a whinger, so we were just able to laugh about it and make do. He really is a very fun person to travel with and this trip has reminded me a lot of what an excellent team we make.

Before our 730 concert, we went to dinner at the "Evil Eye," a quite spectacular drinking establishment. Upstairs they had a room furnished in Indonesian things including two platform beds that drinkers were lounging on langorously as the sipped their drinks. We were, however, downstairs, which was good enough for our quick dinner - we'd chosen the place for a welcome respite from standard pub fare and it exceeded our expectations. I found my bowl of Nasi Goreng quite tasty - it was hot enough to slow my eating down and so big I managed only half of it. Yum!

The concert itself was held in the main nave of the Minster. This gave us lots of opportunity for sightseeing before the show. Once we sat down, though, I found my ability to focus (on Handel's "Israel in Egypt") not good - the rain had sapped my energy and I wanted to be somewhere warm. So I proposed we cut out at intermission if it weren't raining - and, as it was not, off we trotted to the Guy Fawkes Inn.

Now, this pub was a real find. The walls were all painted black (like gunpowder!) and the interior was dimly lit, with some natural light coming in the large front window and from the giant back window overlooking the patio. As we walked in, some silly man in period costume (think "Fawkes") was ordering a drink for himself and his cutie goff companion. I sat down to wait for J and noticed ... the lights in the sconces, they were gas! The whole place was lit with gas! You could hear it very softly hissing in the quiet of the back room. _Wow_.

picture.jpgWe settled down with our drinks (Addleston's premium cloudy cider for me, Copper Dragon for J) and played Punto. J got feisty after he won the first round (14 to 10, so not much of a spread), and I then proceeded to wipe him off the map with a 13 to 1 "one horse open slay." He consoled himself with a pint of "No Eye Dear" (which reminds me, his dinner, the special, was "Khik Mee Hod") and I had more cider and some chili honey nuts (yum!). We managed a third round, 12 to 9 (remember, gloating leads to sure defeat), and then it was time to call it a night.

We're on the train now with some lovely pies from "G. Scott of York" - it was just not the right weather to go to Castle Howard or do the boat tour or pretty much anything else as I just couldn't face trudging back to the B&B a second time through the kind of downpour we had yesterday. York will still be there and we can go back - hopefully with my nephew Drew some day so he can see the train museum.
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