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Back to reality

Well, I'm sitting in my flat, going through my email, tagging my pictures from York - I'm using "Erboracum" as I get a kick out of the old Roman names ... I've got a yen to see a Roman road now that I've been so close to them.

Note to my dad: er, thanks for letting me know I could join the Daughters of the American Revolution. I think that the comedy value of being a member of this organization while living in London cannot be overstated, but, despite this, I don't really feel inclined to join as I don't know what the purpose of this group actually is. (My guess is that it's about trying to feel superior to other people, and, since I grew up white trash, that is not really my bag.)

Dear everyone who lets rooms in St. Ives: thanks for nothing, since that's what you've got available. I'm sure this is all a deliberate plot to keep me from spending any more money.

Note to my cousin: of course when you send me something called an "Amber Alert" I think you're passing on some news about my sister. I hope my response to seeing a picture of a lost tot in America is appropriate.

Oh mighty NHS deities: what appointment on June 25th? I had an appointment? I thought you were going to send me a letter telling me when my next appointment was, and I didn't get one - so you just discharged me? What is up with the whole "calling people to check about their appointments" thing? Is that just an American thing? And if I set up an appointment, why don't I remember doing it?

To James LeMaster (jamesl@redtech.com) at RedTech: sure, I'd love to chat with you about your needs for a Technical Support Analyst at Microsoft (Redmond campus). Any day you're free to meet me near my office off High Holborn, I'd be pleased to join you - just let me know what your availability is.

To Orange: DeadJournal is not an "over 18" site any more than LJ is. Give me a break.

Tonight: enchiladas, and, I suspect, Brass!
Tags: nhs, whinging
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